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Stash Buster Scarf Knitting Pattern

The knitting pattern for this stash buster scarf is taken from the book by Lydia Duffield, Bits and Pieces, 20 Fast and Easy Knitting Patterns.

You can use any double knitting/8 ply yarn. Use a mixture of self patterning and plain yarn. You need one pair of 4mm circular needles. It is a great way to use up leftover and stash yarn.

I would recommend checking out the self patterning double knitting yarns (affiliate link) on the Lovecraft Website if you are fan of multi coloured yarn. Most of the yarn that went into this scarf was bought there – this website distributes some really unusual yarns all around the world.

Choose your first colour, and cast on 100 stitches, and knit round and round. Keep going until you get bored, cut the yarn, add in another yarn, and repeat. Think about what colour would look nice next, build up a beautiful patterned, colourful scarf, exactly to your taste. Vary the lengths of the colour blocks, make some short, some long. You can use the photo here as a rough guide.

You will see that the design in this scarf includes a cute rainbow. To achieve this look, simply knit 2 rows each of the colours of the rainbow. I think this is a lovely touch in the middle of the randomness of the scarf.

The bits of yarn that you cut don’t need weaving in at the end, they are hidden inside the tube.

Knit the scarf as long as you would like. I like scarves to be 2m long. Then sew up the two ends. The scarf shown here is finished with a single crochet border using a 4mm hook, but you don’t have to do that. You could add tassels or pompoms, add a blanket stitch detail or just leave plain.

Then wear it, and feel warm and happy that you have a unique and wonderful, colourful scarf that will be really admired.

This is a similar design, the cowl version of the scarf. This is one of several cowls designed to use up stash yarn, featured in the fun book My Big and Chunky Yarn Destash.

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