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Easy Flower Knitting Pattern

Here is a free knitting pattern of an easy to knit for you. It has been kindly made available by the author of the book Bits and Pieces, 20 Fast and Easy Knitting Patterns.

This simple flower is made by sewing up 5 separately knitted petals. You can make more, or less, petals, for different looks. The flowers can be used to attach to hats, bookmarks, cards, cushions, anything really.

Yarn and needles used 

Any wool and needle size can be used to make these flowers. The one in the picture was made with Noro silk garden yarn and 5mm needles.

Ability level – beginner

A very easy knitting pattern. You do need to know to increase by knitting into the front and back of stitches.


Each petal is made as thus (make 5):

Cast on 2 stitches 

Knit 1 row

Kfb into these two stitches – you now have 4 stitches on your needle.

Knit 6 rows

K2tog twice – you now have 2 stitches on your needle.

Knit 1 row


Cut yarn, pull through remaining one stitch and secure. 

To Finish and Make Up

Weave in the ends, and sew together the cast on ends of the petals to make a flower shape. Add a button or a pompom for the centre of the flower.

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