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Easy Super Chunky Cable Headband Knitting Pattern


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Here is a fantastic free knitting pattern for a very stylish super chunky womens headband.

It is knit on 10mm needles and knits up incredibly fast. It is also incredibly warm and snuggly to wear.

This lovely knitting pattern is featured in the Kindle e-book 7 Headbands by Lydia Duffield.

Materials and yarn used

Needles – 10mm straight needles plus one cable needle.

Yarn – approx 100g super chunky yarn which is suitable for 10 to 12mm needles.

The yarn featured in this pattern was an unbranded one from a discount store. This soft and luxurious super chunky would be a good option for making this headband too.

Another option would be Lana Grossa Regazza Lei which is a fairly inexpensive pure wool.

The pattern

On 10mm straight needles, cast on 12 stitches.

Follow this 8 row knitting pattern:

  1. K
  2. K2, p8, k2
  3. K
  4. K2, p8, k2
  5. K
  6. K2, p8, k2
  7. K3, C6F, k3
  8. K2, p8, k2 

(C6F = slip 3 stitches onto a cable needle and place this to the front of the work. K the next 3 stitches which are on the knitting needle and then K the 3 stitches which are on the cable needle.  This makes the twisty cable effect).

Work in pattern until headband is of desired length, ending on a ws row. We think that 40cm is around the right length for a headband, which is 6 lots of the 8 row pattern.

Cast off in K.

Join seam at the back and weave in the loose ends.

For more books and knitting patterns from Lydia, please visit her Amazon page.

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