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Textured Brim Newborn Bonnet

This sweet newborn bonnet knitting pattern is really speedy to work up and I like that it has an unusual brim worked in basket stitch pattern. This sweet hat, worked in chunky yarn, can be whipped up in less than an hour.

The finished measurements for this bonnet are around 13 by 13cm at the widest parts, which is a nicely snug newborn fit.

Knitting Pattern for Textured Trim Newborn Bonnet

To knit this bonnet, you need one pair of 8mm needles and less than 50g of chunky yarn. The yarn used for the bonnet in the photo is We Are Knitters petite wool.

Cast on 29 stitches.

Follow the following 8 rows to set the textured border:

  1. K
  2. *k5, p3* rep ** to last 5 stitches, k5
  3. P5, *k3, p5* rep **to end
  4. As row 2
  5. K
  6. K1,p3, k1, *k4, p3, k1* rep ** to end
  7. *p1, k3, p4* rep ** to last 5 stitches, p1, k3, p1
  8. As row 6

Next row: kfb, k28 (30 stitches)

Now work the following 2 rows until work measures 11cm.  End on a row 1, so the right side is facing.

  1. K3, p24, k3
  2. K

Work the following decrease rows:

  1. *K3,k2tog* to end of row
  2. P
  3. *K2,k2tog* to end of row
  4. P
  5. *K1, k2tog* to end of row

Cut yarn, leaving a long enough to sew up back seam, thread through remaining stitches and pull to draw together.  Sew up back seam to where the decrease rows started.

Add ties or tassels.

Hope you liked the pattern! Happy knitting! Please check out our sister site, The Knitting Times, for more free knitting patterns.

4 thoughts on “Textured Brim Newborn Bonnet

  1. With the pattern Textured Brim Newborn Bonnet , I am having a problem with Row 2. Where it says *k5, p* rep ** to last 5 stitches, k5. Could you please tell me how much of the Purl stitches do I knit. Thank you . Linda


    1. Hello thanks so much for complimenting the bonnet! The finished measurements are 13 x 13 cm at the widest parts. It is a good snug newborn fit. Hope that helps!


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