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The easy way to make a fur pompom

Any knitter will have surely seen the craze for putting faux fur pompoms onto hats. I have but I must admit that I have only just started to use them for my knitting projects. Being a bit old school, I do like to whip out my cardboard circles made from cereal boxes to make my pompoms.

I did buy these actually, along with some more neutral coloured ones, and do quite like them. The size is about right for child and baby pompom hats, but if you want a MASSIVE pompom I believe that you have to make it yourself.

My home made pompom is much bigger than the ones bought on Amazon.

So, I decided to have a go at making my own fur pompoms and after a few attempts I think I found the easiest way to do it.

I bought the fax fur from Ebay. You need to look for a shaggy or long pile fur.

Once my fur arrived, I wasted quite a lot of it by cutting it into circles to make the pompoms. Squares were better but what I found in the end is that rectangles are the ideal shape to cut for your pompom.

The pompom in my photos was made from a 20 by 14cm rectangle piece of fur.

All you have to do to make a fur pompom is run a basic stitch around the edges of a rectangle and then gather up.

So, you cut a rectangle and then, with a 4 ply or double knitting thickness yarn, sew a running stitch all around and then gather up this running stitch to make a pocket. Fill this with some stuffing, gather up to close, and place a couple of stitches in to secure.

This is how the pompom looks when you pull the sewing yarn up to gather it. The filling then goes inside this pocket and then you pull again to close the pocket. You can use toy filling or some unwanted wool remnants.

Then trim the sewing up yarn, and use both of the ends to attach to your hat, headband, or whatever you want to use your faux fur pompom for.

Once the fabric is gathered and stuff secure with a couple of extra stitches. Cut the sewing up yarn and use this to attach the pompom to a knitted hat or other accessory (see main photo).

Now, what I want to say is that I don’t think I chose the correct fur. Whilst you need to look for shaggy fur or long pile fur, I think that it should be less shaggy than mine.

If anybody out out there buys or sells some wonderful faux fur which is good for pompom making please do leave a comment so that everyone can see it!

Another idea that I have for knitters to make a faux fur pompom is to knit your own piece of fur. For example, with a fur yarn such as Sirdar Alpine, knit a rectangle and then sew up as above.

I did exactly this to make some glittery baubles for our Christmas tree. Made with two strands of King Cole Tinsel held together, I cast on 10 stitches (on 12mm needles) and worked garter stitch for ten rows. Thats it, it took around ten minutes.

A bauble/pompom made by knitting up eyelash yarn into a furry fabric. You could use this idea to make faux fur pompoms to top hats.

I think that knitting rectangles from fur or eyelash yarn is much, much more economical way to make faux fur pompoms than buying fabric.

I have ordered some fur wool and will report back when I have had a go at making knitted pompoms from it! UPDATE HERE IS THE POST!!

Thanks for reading I hope you found this post helpful!

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