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How to Knit a Pompom

If you read my article about making faux fur pompoms, you will have seen that I promised to write out the instructions for actually knitting one from scratch.

Voila , here we have an article about how to knit a pompom!

All you need for this is some faux fur yarn.  There are many types available and I have provided a list of some that I think will work well at the end of the article.

The pompom in the photos was made with LaLa Berlin furry which I am in love with.  It isn’t too furry and gave quite an organic looking fax fur look which I think goes well with the hat.

All I did was cast 12 stitches onto 8mm needles and worked 16 rows rows in garter stitch and then cast off.

I left a long tail and used that to make a running stitch around the rectangle.

Use the long tail to make the running stitch

I then carefully pulled the tail and gathered up the fabric, filled it with toy stuffing and the secured it all up.

Gather up your knitted fabric and stuff with toy filling

The pompom is now finished and just needs to be sewn onto your hat or other accessory.

I love the idea of being able to make totally unique pompoms, with different textures and effects than you can buy or make from faux fur fabric.

A cute blue pompom picks out one of the colours in this striped hat

Here are some faux fur yarns that I found online – just click to discover where to buy them (affiliate links).

Scheepjes Furry Tales (love this!)

Rico Petit Lapin (one of my faves!)

Alize Decofur (I haven’t tried this one but it looks fab and economical too).

Sirdar Alpine Super Chunky This would work up really fast as its a super chunky and I love the colour choices!

If the yarns are thin, you can knit them doubled up.  You can use two colours doubled up for a multi shade pompom, or even a short and a long pile fur yarn to create interesting and unique textures.

3 stands of double knitting fur or eyelash yarn would work great on 8mm needles.  You could mix and match colours to create amazing pompoms!

Want a bigger pompom?  Simply cast on more stitches and knit a few more rows.

You are aiming for a rectangle shape, this seems to work better than a square.  I think so at least!

Hope you enjoyed this articles about knitting your own faux fur pompoms.  Comments always welcome thank you!

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