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Wondrous Woman Headband Free Knitting Pattern

Ok I wanted to make a simple Fair Isle beanie hat and as I knit I realised that the design looked all a little bit too much like Wonder Woman.

Don’t get me wrong – this is a good thing. However, I suddenly needed to make a full on Wonder Woman hat and therefore needed not to use up my yarn.

You can use any chunky yarn that is suitable for 6mm needles to make this headband.

This knitting pattern is ideal for practicing your Fair Isle technique. This is how it should look – I like to unravel the yarn every ten stitches or so when I am working Fair Isle..

So, not wanting to use up my Wonder Woman coloured yarn I changed this design into a lovely Fair Isle headband and here is the resulting knitting pattern which is available to you for free.

This is an easy Fair Isle headband knitting pattern and I reckon beginner knitters can tackle it no problem.

If you are looking for Wonder Woman knitting patterns click here to see the best that Etsy has to offer.

You may also enjoy a knitting pattern booklet written by me called ‘30 Headbands to knit‘ on Amazon. It contains several lovely headband designs, all pretty easy to knit.

Headband Knitting Pattern

So, take 5mm circular needles (40cm length) and, in blue yarn cast on 60 stitches.

Join to work in round and work 1 x 1 rib for 6 rows.

Add in yellow yarn and switch to 6mm circular needles (also 40cm). Now knit 2 stitches blue and 2 stitches yellow in Fair Isle for 4 rounds.

Cut the blue yarn and add in Red. Work 2 stitches red and 2 yellow for 4 rows as before. Then switch back to 5mm needles and working only in red, work 6 rounds of 1 x 1 rib. Then cast off in rib and tidy up the loose yarn ends.

I really do love this Wonder Woman easy Fair Isle knitting headband and will be wearing it often.

If you love Fair Isle headband knitting patterns, you may be interested in this Etsy store. It has some really beautiful, modern looking designs for Fair Isle headbands, and many of them are easy and suitable for beginners.

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