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What can you knit to sell on Etsy?

Are you someone who loves to knit and are wondering how to start a small business selling your knitting?

Selling our knitting online is a perfect way to make money from your knitting. Selling your knitting on Etsy is a brilliant way to start off in the field of an online knitting business. The platform attracts a lot of customers, and Etsy is currently investing heavily in advertising their sales platform.

There has never been a better time to sell your knitting and crafts on Etsy! An Etsy stop is really easy and fast to set up – you just need one item to list and your bank details to hand and the process is simple and fast.

You can even start a new Etsy shop with 40 FREE LISTINGS which will get you on your way to making money from your knitting and crafts risk free as your first 40 listing fees are completely free! CLICK HERE to find out how to get 40 free listing for a new Etsy store!

Once you have opened your Etsy online store to sell your knitting, you may be wondering what sort of knitting you can make to sell, to make money from your knitting.

Here are some ideas about what sort of knitted things people will buy on Etsy.

Top five knitting ideas to make money on Etsy

  • Baby blankets and comforters. People always love hand knit blankets. You can knit small blankets, such as cot or Moses basket covers, which means you can quickly add to your stock. Baby comforters are another great thing to knit and sell on Etsy.
  • Knitted flowers and card toppers. Selling small items such as small flowers and appliqués to use as card toppers is a great idea for an online shop such as Etsy. They are fast to knit, and other crafters who don’t knit, such as people who like to sew, look for simply to make items such as this. Card toppers and flowers are also easy to post as you can just place them in a padded envelope. How about this idea for a hand knit birthday card?
  • Baby hats and booties. Again, baby hats and booties are small hand knit times that are fairly quick to knit and easy to wrap up and post. Hats are a great thing to sell in an Etsy shop.
  • Headbands. Hand knit winter headbands are cosy and fashionable. They are fast to knit and people love to buy unique hand made headbands. they are definitely worth considering if you want to make money from selling your knitting in an online Etsy shop.
  • Wedding shrugs. I have seen some Etsy sellers selling huge numbers of bespoke wedding cardigans and shrugs. This is because hand knitting enables to making of completely unique, bespoke items and everyone loves to be unique on their wedding day.

So thats was a few ideas about what you can knit to sell on Etsy. If you want to give it a try, don’t forget to check out how to get 40 free listings on Etsy.

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