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How to knit an Elsa picture hat

Hello and welcome!

I recently learned how to do intarsia picture knitting, purely so that I can knit some of the amazing retro jumper knitting patterns that I stumbled upon in this Etsy shop.

Must admit, however, that do like the satisfaction a quick knit such as a hat, and have just finished my first knitted picture pompom hat.

This hat only took about 3 hours to knit and was quite fun. I thought I would write down the pattern so that you can give it a go yourself.

Here is my finished hat:

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The hat in the picture was made from Hayfield Baby Chunky yarn, but you could use any yarn suitable for 6mm needles.

Sizes are small/medium/large – child/teen/adult. You need a pair of straight 5mm needles, and a pair of straight 6mm needles. You need a total of around 100g of chunky yarn – exact quantities will depend on the size knitted and the colour of your pompom.

Elsa Picture Hat Knitting Pattern

On 5mm needles, cast on 55/60/65 stitches.

Work 6 rows of 1 x 1 rib.

Switch to 6mm needles and work 2 rows of stocking stitch.

Now work chart into work, as you knit the hat in stocking stitch, as follows –

Knit 17/20/22 stitches, work chart knit wise from right to left, knit remainder of row.

Purl 18/20/23 stitches, work chart purl wise from left to right, purl remainder of row.

Where chart shows blank squares, work in the main colour of your hat.

When the chart is finished, work in stocking stitch until work measures 18/20/22cm, then shape crown as follows:

(K3, K2tog) across row

Purl entire row

(K2, K2tog) across row

Purl entire row

(K1, K2tog) across row

Purl entire row

(K2tog) across row

Purl entire row

(K2 tog) across row

When shaping as above, one stitch will sometimes remain at end of K2 tog rows, simply knit this remaining stitch.

Cut yarn, leaving enough to sew up back seam, thread through stitches which remain on needle, remove knitting needle, pull up stitches tightly and secure, and sew up back seam.

Weave in all the ends and make and attach a pompom. I always use a blue Clover pompom maker for my pompoms.

Elsa Knitting Chart

I hope you enjoyed this knitting pattern, please let me know if you make it!

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